staff & team


Anna Currie
Director of Partnerships
Anna's desire to fight alongside young people came out of her own fight for life. She is a relational builder who cares for people in a way that draws out their best. Anna is currently the director of partnerships though she wears many hats.
Christine Emmet
Creative Director
A native Miamian, Christine has served with Boy With a Ball in Costa Rica, in San Antonio and in Atlanta. Christine has the mind of a business strategist, a designer's skill set and a youth developer's heart. Christine is Pete's wife, Lucia's mom, and keeps a pulse on everyone on the team.
Jamie Johnson
Executive Director
Jamie and Kathy Johnson emerged from their own trouble as teenagers to raise three children, Joshua, Nina and Joey, and to help found Boy With a Ball. Jamie is a strategic equipper whose capacity for casting vision helps Boy With a Ball grow.
Josiah Johnson
Development Director
Josiah Johnson, affectionately called Joey, grew passionate about helping young people reach their dreams as his life was transformed by deep friendships while studying at the University of Georgia. Josiah is a creative connector who uses humor to care for people and lead them. He functions as the development director, and works creatively at finding ways to rally a city to care for it's own.
Molly Johnson
Program Director & Communications Coordinator
Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Molly has spent most of her life in greater Atlanta. Molly is passionate about creating beautiful things that have impact. She is the director of the Velocity program at Berkmar as well as a member of our Communications Team.
Nina Byars
Volunteer Coordinator
Nina Byars’ heart was captured as a 13 year-old in San José, Costa Rica as she helped begin a young girls’ group in the El Triángulo squatter’s settlement. She fell in love with Boy With a Ball’s mission, propelling her into her passion for people. Today, together with her husband Rocky, she serves as part of the global team and staff as the Volunteer Coordinator.


James Williams
Born in Mississippi, James served as part of Boy With a Ball's first team in San Antonio and our second team in San Jose, Costa Rica before settling down with his wife, Katie, and three children, Louis, Phineas and Thea here in Atlanta. James is a courageous adventurer who makes anyone around him better.
Jennifer Gomez
Jen grew up in Colombia and moved to the United States as a 10 year old. Her own journey of navigating life and culture has made her a fierce fighter for people. She also has laser like vision, a great mind for systems and is currently an MBA candidate at Georgia State University while working at commercial real estate company.
Kathy Johnson
Kathy was born in Germany and grew up sharing time between her mother's country, Costa Rica, and her father's, the United States. Kathy is the natural mom to Joshua, Nina and Joey but a spiritual mother too many others. She combines a fierce practicality with a passion for people that has made her a key part of many people's stories.
Katie Williams
Katie grew up in Atlanta, GA and received a bachelors degree in applied linguistics from Georgia State University before marrying James and becoming mother to Louis, Phineas and Thea. Katie is passionate about teaching English as a Second Language. Katie's gentle, jarring insight and evangelistic focus are key to our team's health.
Pete Emmet
Pete is a native of Boston who has attended more Ivy League schools than the rest of us can pronounce. Husband to Christine and father to Lucia, Pete is a skilled youth developer and visionary educator. He has a powerful mind is combined with a child-like heart and somehow has a nose for adventure and stability all at the same time.
Rebekah Yoder
A Gwinnett native, Rebekah is a gifted teacher who strongly believes in advocating for all children. She co-leads the tutoring center in Love Your City Norcross, but beyond that is a help to all things. She is a thoughtful friend and the kind of leader that makes everyone around her better.
Rocky Byars
Originally from east Texas, Rocky moved to Atlanta for an internship in video and animation, met and married Nina and joined the team. Rocky's strength and capacity to serve make him a strong protector of anyone in need of protecting and ready to fight for hurting young people.
Virginia Smith
Virginia Smith grew up moving between a small town in Mississippi and the booming city of Rome, Italy. She is now studying International Affairs and Arabic at the University of Georgia. Her time abroad developed a dynamic love for people and their cultures, and a desire to unite communities by helping people discover their dreams.